Jimmy Page Leaks Stunning Led Zeppelin Reunion Photo


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared the story behind the most recent photo of the band reunited in a new Instagram post.

“On this day in 2018, work on the official book ‘Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin’ was almost complete. ⁣

Images were carefully selected and annotated by myself, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. ⁣

We were photographed here in May 2018 with the working draft of the book, which was published in October 2018 by Reel Art Press to celebrate fifty years since the formation of the band. ⁣

“[the book] covers the group’s unparalleled musical career and features photographs of @ledzeppelin on and offstage from their very first moments together. This definitive 400-page volume includes previously unpublished photos, artwork from the Led Zeppelin archives and contributions from photographers around the world.” ⁣

Purchase your copy now @ledzeppelinbook or @reelartpress⁣.”

Page also recently wrote, “On this day in 2011, I performed with Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall.

Donovan asked me if I would join him at the Royal Albert Hall to play the original version of ‘Sunshine Superman’, as he planned to recreate the Sunshine Superman album with more added textures to the original orchestration by John Cameron. The night was truly memorable, an absolute triumph for Donovan and John Cameron.

I put my amp out of the way backstage behind the orchestra so I could turn up without it bleeding into the orchestral balance. I also came on at the end of the show when Sunshine Superman was reprieved with the orchestra, and on ‘Mellow Yellow’ with all the bells and whistles. Well done Donovan.”