Metallica ‘Bring Back’ Bassist In Emotional Announcement


Nothing Else Matters [but these Metallica figures!] Metallica’s Kirk Hammett shared his excitement over this new and upcoming line of block figures to come out from the Japanese company, Brokker. The company specializes in music-related block style figures and will be creating figures for not just Metallica but other artists such as Rage Against the Machine and the Sex Pistols. Jason Newsted looks sad in photo with Metallica replacement.

Metallica’s singer takes brutal shot at Jason Newsted in photo. This incarnation of Metallica figure, however, is faithful towards the mid-eighties version of the group and has Cliff Burton portrayed as one of the figurines instead of not Robert Trujillo or Jason Newsted. If you are interested in picking up a set for yourself you can do so by going to the company’s official website HERE.

In other news regarding Metallica and more specifically, fans recently took to the subreddit of the thrash-metal icons to discuss what they felt is and was the best song after the departure of group legend, Cliff Burton. Fellow Reddit user Kutabare_86 kicked things off by writing: “What do you think was the best song after Cliff? I was asked this today at work, and you’d think it would take a while to think of an answer, but my vote was definitely One. Took about six seconds of thought, easy answer for me!.”

Vicious_viridian responded with: “My favorite Metallica song is already after Cliff: Rebel of Babylon. It’s important that more people realize that Metallica did not die with Cliff.”

While another user, Truthmachine32 said: “Obviously different songs are good in different ways, but with a gun to my head, I’d probably go with One. Granted, that has a lot to do with the video as well.” This Metallica icon recently called out blatant Dave Mustaine ripoff.