Jimmy Page Makes Emotional Robert Plant Disease Claim


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed how Robert Plant put together a tribute album for Rainer Ptacek in 1997 after Rainer was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1996 after a bike accident. Rainer told Fred Mills, “You know, these” — Rainer held up his hands and nodded at them — “know where they want to go. They remember the chords, the notes. The problem is that I still can’t remember all of those chords and notes.” After news came out that he was uninsured, Howe Gelb and Robert Plant put together a tribute album. This was during the ‘Page and Plant’ years, though a full Led Zeppelin reunion with John Paul Jones never came to fruition in the 90’s.

Page wrote on social media, “On this day in 1997, Rainer Ptacek’s tribute album, ‘The Inner Flame’ was released. I played on the track ‘Rude World’, with an interesting use of a digitech Whammy pedal with Robert Plant on vocals, Charlie Jones on bass, Phil Andrews on keyboards / sandwiches and Michael Lee on drums. I really felt that people might have thought this a cool direction, I did.”

He also recently posted, “On this day in 2000, I had a day off with The Black Crowes after the ‘E Centre’ in Camden, New Jersey. You would probably need a day off after the E Centre in Camden! On the show day, we played this setlist…⁣


Celebration Day⁣
The Wanton Song⁣
Misty Mountain Hop⁣
Hots on for Nowhere⁣
No Speak No Slave⁣
Sick Again⁣
What Is and What Should Never Be⁣
Oh Well⁣
Ten Years Gone⁣
In My Time of Dying⁣
Your Time Is Gonna Come⁣
The Lemon Song⁣
In The Light⁣
Shapes of Things⁣
Nobody’s Fault But Mine⁣

Bring It on Home⁣
She Talks To Angels⁣
Out on the Tiles⁣
Whole Lotta Love.”