Jimmy Page Makes ‘Screaming’ Paul McCartney Revelation


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recalled ‘screaming’ Paul McCartney and Beatles fans in a new Instagram post. McCartney recalled a vintage show with The Yardbirds in the post.

“On This Day in 1967, I played in Singapore with The Yardbirds.

En route to Australia, The Yardbirds played at the National Theatre in Singapore. The National Theatre is in fact an open-air venue and there was a stage fronted by curtains, which we duly set up behind, and eventually it was time to play. The curtains opened to reveal the Yardbirds to the Singapore audience and we were greeted by males and females, all screaming. It was clear that they were still in the Beatles era and the screaming continued for the majority of the set.

It was after this show that I met a brother of a friend of mine from Epsom. He was only a couple of years older than me and he was serving in the British army over there. It really brought home to me how close I and my peers had been to conscription, and if that had continued it would have dramatically changed the face of British fashion, rock and pop music, and the ensuing culture. The Yardbirds stayed at the wonderful Raffles Hotel (pictured).”