Tool Record Label ‘Bad’ New Album Leak Revealed


On the Tool Reddit, Tool fans have leaked Sony’s quarterly report, and it doesn’t have a new Tool album listed for release prior to early July, though obviously plans could change.

shane1333 posted, “Sony just released their quarterly report. In the report they listed albums you could expect before the end of the quarter. this is interesting to me because volcano is owned by epic records which is owned by Sony music entertainment I believe. Tool is not on this list. This might be bad news.”

nascentia responded, “See, this is the kind of speculation which is great – it has some firm, new substance behind it and it brings something new to the table. Good find OP.”

jrajala posted, “I’m just a little curious about the lack of any information. I know the newsletters seem to be nothing more than rambling, but we haven’t got a proper one of those since late February, with the March newsletter being a tour announcement and the Aftershock announcement being labeled as April newsletter.

They did share a few photos with Bob Ludwig that we assumed means they are done mastering, but that was also two months ago now, and there has been no actual confirmation on that.

One would think if they were ramping up into album support mode, there would be some announcement about anything regarding the new album to coincide with the upcoming tour dates, even if it was just too say, “new album due out in the spring/summer”. Opeth just announced Euro tour dates for November and said, “in support of their forthcoming new album”. No details for the album, just that they are touring this fall with a new album.

I guess we can say the Roman numeral 2019 on their logo for social media pages could mean something is on the way, but it would be nice to see some kind of announcement even officially acknowledging a new album… Right now, they just have tour dates, which hasn’t been super unusual over the last 10 years while not supporting new music.”