Mick Jagger ‘In Denial’ After The Rolling Stones Departure


Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman revealed in a recent Torg and Elliott interview that Mick Jagger was in denial for two years after he quit the band, even calling him and asking if he was really gone before launching a major tour. Wyman also told Mick Jagger recently after his heart issues to stop touring so much. Alternative Nation transcribed Wyman’s remarks.

“They didn’t believe me for two years, they refused to believe me, and two years later when they wanted to tour again, they came to me in late 1993, Charlie and Mick, and they said, ‘Are you still in the band?’ I said, ‘I left the band two years ago.’ ‘We didn’t believe you.

But okay, we’re going to move on.’ Since then we’ve been great mates, I’m involved when they produce back catalog stuff, because I usually have a lot of stuff they need. We’re still the closest of friends socially, not business wise.”

The Rolling Stones hired Daryl Jones as their touring bassist, and he has remained in the position for 25 years. He started with the band on their 1994 ‘Voodoo Lounge’ tour. Wyman later returned for a guest appearance at a 2012 50th anniversary concert in London, with Mick Taylor also returning for performances on that tour.

Wyman’s documentary ‘The Quiet One’ debuted at film festivals earlier this year, with a screening being canceled after allegations about Wyman possibly being intimate with his ex-wife Mandy Smith before she was 18 surfaced. Wyman was 47 when he married Smith in June 1989, with the marriage ending in divorce a few years later. The film is now streaming on Hulu. In other Jagger news, Tom Petty’s daughter recently sent a creepy Mick Jagger photo to Keith Richards.