Jimmy Page Reveals Rock Icon ‘Seduced’ Him


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed that he was ‘seduced’ by the music of Little Richard in a new Telecaster video. Page revealed that he rejected a major offer to join a surprising supergroup yesterday.

Page said, “I was part of a whole generation of people who were seduced by the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll through their radios. They heard this wild music and whether it was a sort of the Little Richard, sort of big-band stuff, certainly the aspect of what was coming from the more rockabilly side of it, so this sort of Elvis Presley, and Bill Black and Scotty Moore, that sort of nucleus.”

Jimmy Page called a big name ‘punk’ after an angry performance. He also discussed the quick recording process for the first Led Zeppelin album, “We had a rehearsal in London, and then I got into my house to rehearse everything that we’re going to need for a set and everything that we’re going to need for ‘Led Zeppelin I.’

“When we went into the studio, we were going in on the downtime of the studio. First one’s at 11 o’clock at night, then the next one is at 10 o’clock at night. We were sort of going into it collectively, the whole album was done in 30 hours. The Telecaster is employed all the way through that album, it’s just a little small amp that I’m using and the overdrive box and a wah-wah pedal at times. It just goes to show the versatility of Telecaster and what could be achieved with a minimal amount of equipment.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.