Jimmy Page Savagely Robbed At New York Hotel


Jimmy Page revealed that he and Led Zeppelin were robbed after a major New York performance at Madison Square Garden of all of the money they made the previous night. Jason Bonham revealed last week how Jimmy Page ripped him after a drug meltdown.

“On this day in 1973, Led Zeppelin played the last night of Madison Square Garden.

This was the final night of our American tour and here at Madison Square Garden recording and filming the concert. I was informed as we were on the side of the stage just before going on to perform that there had been a robbery at the Drake Hotel where the safety deposit box had been relieved of cash the previous night. Somehow all this manifested in even more passion in that night’s performance.”

Slash revealed a shirtless Jimmy Page photo a couple of weeks ago. Page wrote in another recent post, “On this day in 1999, I presented a Gibson Guitar to Scotty Moore at Air Studios.

Scotty Moore had been a major inspiration in my early transitory days from acoustic to electric guitar. His character guitar playing on those early Elvis Sun recordings, and later at RCA, was monumental. It was during the 50s that these types of song-shaping guitar parts helped me see the importance of the electric guitar approach to the music.” Jimmy Page recently revealed an emotional Elvis Presley secret.