Jimmy Page Rips Led Zeppelin Bandmate After Drug Meltdown


Led Zeppelin reunion shows drummer Jason Bonham was interviewed by The Circle bandmate Sammy Hagar on his Rock and Roll Road Trip AXS program, and he discussed having a drug meltdown in front of Jimmy Page. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. Jack White made a stunning Led Zeppelin reunion claim yesterday.

Jason Bonham: My biggest gig ever was when I was 22 and Jimmy Page hired me.

Sammy Hagar: That’s right, you toured with Jimmy Page.

Jason Bonham: In 1988, when Jimmy accepted me at 22 as his drummer.

Sammy Hagar: I met you after that, and that’s when you were an alcoholic and a drug addict, and you still played well.

Jason Bonham: I mean I must say, I was. I played the Philadelphia Spectrum, I got a note under the door, and the drug dealer was still in the room, and I went, ‘Daisy, the gig’s not until tomorrow.’ Arturo, his name was, he was in the room. He went, ‘No man, that’s today.’

I’m like, ‘I haven’t even been to bed.’ I literally got to the Philadelphia Spectrum, [with his arms folded] and Jimmy is looking at me going [pissed]. ‘Typical, just like your own man.’ I was like, ‘Shit.’ I keep looking around at my drum tech, ‘Am I speeding up or am I slowing down.’ ’You’re okay, stop thinking about it.’

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