Steven Tyler Reveals if Aerosmith Are ‘Retiring’ From Touring


If you think Aerosmith is ‘retiring’ soon or won’t be in the saddle for at least a little while longer, you are sorely mistaken. According to Tyler himself had this to say during one of his group’s most recent shows in Las Vegas residency shows: “When I say, ‘What Happens Here,’ you say, ‘Only Happens Here!’ “. The Aerosmith singer assured that to the filled arena. Steven Tyler recently revealed the last time he used drugs, is he clean?

It is being reported by the Las Vegas Journal Review, however, that this line of questions was for an advertising campaign that will feature Tyler to promote a lavish Las Vegas tourism effort. However, it’s great to know that he will be entertaining fans for the foreseeable future.

Joe Perry recently revealed if he wants Steven Tyler out of Aerosmith. In other news regarding Tyler and Aerosmith, the ever-popular rock band is speculated to bring their Las Vegas residency act internationally to the United Kingdom for a series of dates. A source told UK-based outlet The Sun: “Aerosmith are on flying form and have perfected their show in Vegas. It’s a real spectacle and they are bringing the production here after months of negotiations. It’s going to be massive.”

Fans were quick to discuss this news on the Aerosmith fan forum, Aeroforce. One fan wrote: “Hopefully it will be in April as I’m scheduled to be in London for the Pussycat Dolls reunion. I can imagine a sort of residency tour something Madonna and another Japanese artist are doing with many many dates in selected venues around just a few locations. Kinda happy about this although it would mean spending money yet again. If they bring the whole Lisa sound and stage design it’s gonna be a sweet deal. Hopefully, Joey will be back for next year’s shows. The other guys seem to be doing fine and look healthy. Steven high notes are barely there on some of the more demanding songs (especially dream on) but he remains a great singer with an icon voice and has still stamina and vocal skills.” This Aerosmith member recently entered rehab for a sad reason.