Joe Rogan Reveals Kid Rock Mansion In Video


The podcaster and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan recently talked about his experience visiting American singer Kid Rock’s luxurious Nashville house. The podcast host stated his surprise at seeing a replica of the White House at the lavish property. A 27,000 square foot mansion that looks just like the White House, there’s only two bedroom in the whole place. The rest is party space. A twenty-person hot tub that looks like a mine, a gold covered walk-in shower, an old church that was converted into a horse stable, and more.

Joe Rogan opens up on Kid Rock’s mansion

Rogan explained that the replica was bigger than the real deal during episode #1794 of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). The 54-year-old told his guest, Monty Franklin, that the building was a twenty-seven-thousand square foot gigantic structure:

“He [Kid Rock] has a replica of the White House built on his property in Nashville… It’s quite a bit bigger than the actual White House, it’s quite a bit bigger… It has two bedrooms, it is about twenty-seven thousand square feet… the rest of the house is just party.”

The podcast host further stated that the American country music star’s replica of the presidential residence also came with a golden elevator. Apparently, Kid Rock, wanted the golden elevator to be on full display rather than keep it hidden:

“He has a gold elevator in the centre of the house… The construction worker was like, well a lot of people like to hide their elevators… He [Kid Rock] goes, I want people coming over to my house like ‘Kid Rock’s got a fu***ng gold elevator.'”