John Frusciante ‘Angered’ Red Hot Chili Peppers Bandmate


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer revealed in a new SPIN magazine interview that John Frusciante would get into horrible ‘arguments’ with Flea whenever they would get together in recent years, which led to him being unsure if they’d ever reunite. A new Red Hot Chili Peppers reunion recording with John Frusciante was just revealed.

“The only reason I suppose that I’m not in the band anymore is because of John’s sudden reemergence or availability or desire to do it again. All the while, I didn’t have contact with him, but I knew just through what I heard from other people, that he wasn’t interested in playing guitar. He wasn’t in a place to play rock music or be in a band.

I didn’t think he had much contact with any of the other guys in the band. I knew he and Flea spoke once in a while in the interim, but even when they’d get together and have a hangout, they’d always wind up getting in some argument. I never thought that this would happen until the last couple of years. There were a couple of things that make me think, ‘Oh I wonder,’ but I let my guard down.

I didn’t think this would happen because we had written a whole album pretty much and we already had a pile that we had ready for two albums and we still wanted to write a little more. I didn’t think they’d want to halt that process and write anew, but it didn’t surprise me.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers revealed why John Frusciante really quit last week. Marklamone discussed his dream producers for the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album on Reddit, “A lot of talk regarding producers from past albums. I’d personally love for them to find another new producer for the next album, but expect it to be Rubin

Eno would be my favorite pick. Read somewhere that he’s spent time with John in the studio, so imagine he’s been considered but isn’t realistic. AK loves the Talking Heads and imagine he’d be pumped to work with Eno.

Annie Clark aka St. Vincent has a great sound and would bring out the kind of sonically exciting and creative arrangements the band needs. Nigel Godrich would be sweet. Has worked with Flea and would probably help RHCP develop a unique album. Bowie would have been amazing, but apparently he had turned them down in the past.”

RedHotShowoff responded, “Rick Rubin is a total safe bet and knows what can make them great. Their first time together brought us BSSM. It’s been nearly 10 years since they’ve worked with him on IWY, so having John back in the fold and Rubin with them can set us up for a really great album again.

I’d also like to see them self produce. It’s something we haven’t seen yet and I think they should give it a try at least once.”

You can read the full Josh Klinghoffer interview at SPIN.