Pearl Jam Epic New Song “Who Ever Said” Clip Leaks


Pearl Jam are set to release their new album Gigaton next week, and the band have released a new clip of “Who Ever Said” off of the album.

Craigraether posted on the Ten Club board about Pearl Jam’s spring tour being postponed, “The Shows that are postponed will at the very least have to have new dates scheduled BEFORE new dates are scheduled and sold. The two festivals not withstanding. >>… But that doesn’t mean that new dates cant be added as the old dates get reaffirmed. They have millions of our dollars, and im sure it is much better to limit refunds as much as possible as logic. Once new shows are added then people who had tickets will make different choices and freeing up capacity. Some of the old shows could be outright canceled, say if the two LA and SD dates are near Ohana.. ETC – its a mess for sure.”

EStarr31 responded, “As others have said, airlines are waiving change/cancel fees but a lot are just providing flight credits to be used within one year. That would make it difficult and unfair to reschedule full tour a year from now. Likely these dates get set up before a new tour is sold. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some spacing and combined dates though.

What sucks for fans is I think this short Spring tour was going to be good for the band’s energy and performances. A lot of rest days built in likely for good reason with Eddie and his voice (had to cancel a couple shows in 2018). That goes out the window if they start planning a massive tour.

Really was looking forward to seeing a PJ on my birthday this April. That likely won’t be rescheduled. But I get this and understand it completely. Just can still be selfishly disappointed.”