John Frusciante Emails Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante exchanged an email with Josh Klinghoffer prior to his firing, and according to Klinghoffer in a new AMA, they had a ’45 second’ conversation at Flea’s wedding. Sounds like almost one hot minute! John Frusciante recently detailed why his RHCP return will be different this time.

One fan asked, “Hi Josh! I don’t wanna be rude or anything but what is your relationship with John? Like, do you guys get along well? Can you still play and connect well? Or another question could be what is your opinion on him joining and what are your plans for your future as Pluralone? Thanks!! Greetings from Mexico. We love you.”

Klinghoffer responded, “In 10 years, we spoke for about 45 seconds at Flea’s wedding. We had one email back and forth before that, and that’s it.

As for him rejoining, I’m extremely happy and excited for all of them! I’ll miss laying music with those guys as I miss making music with John, but life goes on. I’m incredibly happy for all of them.”

Josh Klinghoffer recently detailed his RHCP reunion hopes. Another fan asked, “Hello Josh, Thank you for having an AMA! Here are my questions:

What meter(s) is/are used in ‘The Ride’ ? (I love that song, especially their unique rhythmic structure.)

I’d like to know if you have any habits, favorite tools/techniques for good mental health. Sending huge love from Japan.”

Klinghoffer answered, “Do you mean how do I count it? It’s just free time. That song was the only one on that record where I recorded the piano on my own on the Tascam 488. I was just demoing it and got a great take I thought felt good. It’s a really free meter.

I have a therapist I see that I really enjoy. I try to meditate a bit, often don’t, but will more and more. Constantly ask yourself, or myself where I can improve. I guess dealing with discomfort is a good thing to work on.”