Mick Jagger Reveals Big Name Keith Richards ‘Replacement’


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger auditioned the late Andy Gill of Gang of Four as a stand in for Keith Richards to play The Rolling Stones classics on a solo tour alongside Jeff Beck, as revealed in a newly published final Flood Magazine interview with Gill before he died. Mick Jagger ‘looks like a woman’ in a new photo.

Gill said about the audition, “Anyway, they were supposed to be doing a world tour, and Jagger was looking for a guitarist. We did some tunes, and they went fine, and then Mick goes, ‘So, Andy—d’you know how to play Miss You?’ ‘Nope!’ ‘D minor, A minor, G flat diminished 7th.’ He reeled off all these chords, and I’m like, ‘I’m gonna really, really fuck up here!’

So we went into it, and just in time I started playing ‘Da da da da da-da-da!’ Like, how the fuck did I do that? I was literally flying by the seat of my pants. But because I remembered a few chords, I was starting to get quite excited. And then we got to the solo, and Beck sort of leans back, about to go into it—and I was just like, ‘Fuck him,’ because he’d been a bit of a knob to me, and I got in first and started playing the solo. And Jeff Beck dropped his hands and looked at me like, ‘You f***er!’ [Laughs].”

Tioms posted on IORR.org about the upcoming 2020 North American The Rolling Stones tour, “Hallo, I’m a Stones fan from 1968. I saw them the first time in 1973, Belgium. I saw them the last time in Utrecht. I don’t won’t them to see anymore. I’m fed up with all that old songs.”

GerardHennessy responded, “Well said. Me too! I have heard the same songs again and again more times than I care to remember. I love the band, I love their music. ALL their music. Not just the 30 or so songs, from which around 20 are chosen to make up their concert performances now. There are fantastic numbers that would work wonderfully in concert if only the band were brave enough to play them again. And I’m not talking about deeply obscure numbers either. 19th Nervous Breakdown. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby? Ruby Tuesday. Dandelion. Shes A Rainbow. Waiting On A Friend. And they have played some of these over the years. Not just anytime recently.

Mind you, whenever the band play anything from outside the core list of numbers now, the exodus to the bar begins, together with the slow hand-claps, occasional booing, and a dozen loud-mouths yelling for Satisfaction, Start Me Up or Brown Sugar. And this is stuff I have experienced personally at several different concerts. It is not heresay evidence from anyone else.” Def Leppard recently revealed a ‘nasty’ Mick Jagger secret.

You can read the full Flood Magazine interview in the link on Dan Epstein’s tweet.