John Frusciante Reveals Why He Rejoined Red Hot Chili Peppers


A Red Hot Chili Peppers fan named Musicademateo claimed on Reddit that he was recently told why John Frusciante really rejoined RHCP by Chad Smith at an art event. A Josh Klinghoffer ‘apology’ to Red Hot Chili Peppers fans was just released.

He posted, “John wanted to be back in a band setting and wanted that band to be RHCP if he was going to go that route.”

26×210 commented, “John basically got Josh the gig of a lifetime. Lead guitarist with one of the biggest rock bands of the last 30 years. And Josh got to do it for 10 years. Josh got lucky as hell. He didn’t ‘get the shaft.'”

Graynat responded, “That may be the case but Josh still had to step up at some point and prove he belonged there, which he did and did it for 10 years that’s loyalty and that’s what doesn’t sit well with me if its the case that John wanted back and Josh had to leave.

I understand why people feel Josh was shafted.Lets be honest Johns track record with the way he has come and gone and treated the band lessons(?) his right to just want back in again to me, just my opinion.”

Rufusclone wrote, “Agreed that Josh had to put in the work to keep his spot in the band. I get that people think he should be grateful to John for getting him this gig but it was also the easiest/best solution for the group at the time. John was leaving no matter what so they could either look for a new guitarist or get Josh.

With their track record of firing members they likely would have fired him if he didn’t work out. So I wouldn’t say he’s lucky. He managed to work well enough with them to keep his spot all these years and the only reason he’s leaving now is because he’s not John.” Chad Smith recently feared ‘getting in trouble’ leaking John Frusciante news.