Josh Klinghoffer ‘Apologizes’ To Red Hot Chili Peppers Fans


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer’s representative for his solo project Pluralone has apologized for Josh’s failure to deliver on a planned Monday announcement. Josh Klinghoffer ‘asking’ for a John Frusciante reunion was just revealed.

On January 11th, Pluralone tweeted, “Monday.” On Monday the 13th, Pluralone tweeted, “Well… we do have some very large and exciting news to share with everyone, but unfortunately we’ve been told to wait just a little bit longer. Rest assured it’s worth your patience, and we’re positive you’ll be as excited as we are. Soon.”

Yoshbag posted about John Frusciante replacing Josh Klinghoffer on Reddit, “I feel like we won’t see much Josh stuff anymore, maybe that’s just me though. They already didn’t play too much of that stuff, though it seemed like Goodbye Angels almost became an end of show/encore staple. Not sure if it will be under John though.

Last time he left he said he didn’t like OHM at all and wouldn’t play any of the songs from that (disappointing that there’s no chance of them playing those since I really like that album, not that they played much of it to begin with), but I guess it depends on how he feels about the music they released with Josh. Maybe he’ll like it more since he’s worked with Josh outside of RHCP and has a closer relationship with him, unlike Dave Navarro.”

NebStark responded, “Navarro had a completely different style, whereas as you say John and Josh are tight – they really respect one another and the music they make. There’s that pic of John holding vinyl copies of both albums so I’d have thought there would be a few in there he could groove to.

Look Around, Goodbye Hooray, Even You Brutus, We Turn Red, Sick Love, Feasting on the Flowers, Detroit and Encore I would say are examples where Josh has been heavily influenced by Frusciante’s style. It would be a shame for John not to recognise that. He’s far more mature and zen than he was at that time too.

Without Josh, there would be no RHCP. It would be unpolite for them to just swipe all that aside and pretend those 10 years never happened imo. I’d really like to hear Frusciante’s spin on certain tracks like Meet Me at the Corner, Raindance Maggy and Angels.” Josh Klinghoffer unloading on rude John Frusciante fans was recently revealed.