Corey Taylor Reacts To Awful Slipknot Replacement Rumor


Slipknot fans have a new theory that Chris Fehn will not be replaced by a new member, but by current lead singer Corey Taylor.

A fan tweeted, “Who is the new member ? Well there is no new member it’s @CoreyTaylorRock itself with his new mask. He wears the #8 on his jumpsuit and at the end he burns his own statute and only 8 members left. You are welcome. Unless it’s his son. But i hope @slipknot can address that tonight.”

Taylor responded, “😂😂😂.”

Taylor also tweeted, “Thanks to the millions of #maggots around the world. Spoiler: new album has Iowa moments. Also has Vol. 3 moments. But it overwhelmingly has WANYK moments. Everyone’s a critic, but I hope this clears up any misconceptions. Enjoy the next chapter- see you all soon! -CMFT.”

Corey Taylor recently underwent surgery. He wrote on Instagram, “Surgery in both knees today- soon I’ll be worth Six Million Dollars!! See you all soon! #bionic #leemajors.”

He later added, “By Request. Surgery was swell, but here’s to hoping the swelling goes down. See you motherfuckers this weekend. #youcantkillme #cuzimalready #insideyou.”

Taylor also recently announced, “By popular demand, we’re doing it one more time. May 19 @gardenampoc in Garden Grove CA- ALL AGES!! The last CMFT&CO show with the Cherry Bombs before I get very busy. ALL AGES! Tix go onsale tomorrow @ 9am!! See you there!”