John Lennon ‘Moaning’ Before Dying Revealed


The Beatles icon John Lennon‘s widow, Yoko Ono recently took to social media via Twitter to share the classic hit. ‘Yes, I’m Your Angel’ off their album, Double Fantasy. In addition, Yoko tweeted out how the inspiration for this song came from John Lennon moaning about getting old. Ono tweeted: “One night, John was feeling like he was getting old and moaning about it. We all have times like that. Especially in the middle of a rainy night! So I was inspired to write ‘Yes, I’m Your Angel’, full of love for him for his approaching birthday. John Lennon ‘teen girl’ bedroom secret revealed.

In other news fans recently took to music subreddit to discuss if we will ever see a band like John Lennon and the Beatles ever again. Mawo333 put: “Not possible because there are too many genres these days. Back then you had classical music, jazz, pop, rock and folk music (each country had its own kind of folk music, plus usually the US folk music imported under the label Western music) every other genre was too small to be noteworthy. The Beatles came and totally dominated the Pop/ rock market, while being creative and on the edge enough, that Jazz Fans could also like them. Plus they were “nice and friendly, well behaved” (according to their public image) so that nobody had anything against them. These days we also have Hip Hop, RnB, Metal, Electro, and its just impossible for a musician to make a song that could be enjoyed by 3/4 of the country.”

While sheepboy32785 replied: “Highly unlikely. People don’t have the attention span they did back then. Your average artist these days gets two, maybe three albums, then the public is on to the next big thing. Usually, it’s one or two songs before they’re looking for something new.” John Lennon ‘ruining’ The Beatles reunion before death leaks.