John Lennon Painful ‘Wounds’ Finally Revealed


The Official Twitter account for The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following quote. This John Lennon ‘Violent’ threat before his death was recently revealed. The quote comes from an old proverb that furthered Lennon’s message of non-violence and peace. This John Lennon creepy death remark finally leaked. It can be seen below:

‘Time wounds all heels.’

In other news regarding The Beatles, fans on the official Facebook page of the band have been discussing their thoughts about the newly released fiftieth-anniversary reissue of Abbey Road:

Doreen said: “The Beatles are such an iconic & unique band… Soo ahead of their time… I’ve heard their music in mono, stereo & quadraphonic sound over the years it gets better no matter which way you hear it !!!!! They are an Awesome musical Band that can be heard in all formats & still blows your mind at how their musicality can surpass all generations & hi-fi sound systems!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY ABBEY ROAD !!!!!”

John replied: “I am at this moment listening to the 50th-anniversary release of Abbey Road and man it is mind-blowing! Thanks, Giles Martin for such an excellent 2019 remix that to me sounds better than any past recording of this Beatles masterpiece!

Mike chimed in with: “I’m amazed how something recorded over 50 years ago can sound so fresh. It was delivered today and I’ve already listened to it twice. I’ll save the outtakes and demos for tomorrow. I’ve listened to this album so many times, I couldn’t even begin to guess a number. I know every riff, every drum beat, every conga drum beat, every cricket chirp. Yet somehow, it sounded fresh. 50 years ago it was given to me for my birthday on the newest technology available, the cassette tape, and a small portable player. This was before boom boxes existed. Today I heard it on Blu-ray, HD through a 50-watt 5.1 surround sound. Wow. just Wow.

And Jayne put: “These new remixes of their albums are superb. I have a new appreciation of songs I’ve loved for many years. The clarity is excellent and I love the instrumentals and the different takes of their songs. Well done they’re amazing“. John Lennon’s dressing room photo with a murderer revealed.