John Lennon Creepy Death Remark Finally Leaks


The Official Twitter account for The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following ominous quote. The quote which is taken from an old interview in which Lennon was talking about his hiatus from music from 1975 until 1980 before he made his last studio album before passing. John Lennon called this surprising The Beatles wife ‘Clown’.

The tweet can be seen below:

‘Walking away is much harder than carrying on. I’ve done both. On-demand and on schedule I had turned out records from 1962 to 1975. Walking away seemed like what the guys go through at 65, when suddenly they’re supposed to not exist anymore: ‘Your life is over. Time for golf!”

With the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles masterclass – Abbey Road, fans on The Beatles sub Reddit have been discussing their thoughts about the newly released reissue.

John Lennon called this surprising woman “heavy”.  exum posted: “The whole thing is good, but my one nitpick with the remix is I think the “Maxwell must go free” backing vocals are too loud. They didn’t need to be as soft as they were in the original mix, but I thought the original was a good choice, because it fit the line about the people “screaming from the gallery”. Those voices are supposed to be coming from the gallery, so they should sound like they’re coming from the background. Instead, now they’re louder than Paul’s lead vocals. Oh well, small thing. Everything else in the mix is great.”

Where as Kool-Kukumber said: “What a great remix, definitely not as much as an improvement on the original mix as the White Album and Sgt Pepper remixes were, but considering Abbey Road was already the best mixed Beatles album, it’s a hell of an effort by Giles. The most improved tracks for me were probably Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Oh Darling, Golden Slumbers and Carry that Weight. The outtakes were really cool too – Old Brown Shoe Take 2 was great (always thought that song sounded a bit cluttered and muddled) and Goodbye was just classic Paul, what a great little tune it really was.”

And SirWalterRaleigh replied with his thoughts: “Another fantastic job by Giles. The medley is the highlight. Sun King might be the single biggest improvement of any song from these remixes. It sounds incredible! My only gripe is tinkering with the vocals during the outro to Come Together. The original call and response between John and the guitar is just perfect. And while the new outro is fun, I can’t ever envision hearing it as definitive. However, every other song is likely going to be the only way I hear these songs moving forward. Also love the alternate takes. They’re joyful and sound beautiful. And Goodbye has always been my favorite unreleased Beatles song. Revolver next, pretty please!!” John Lennon’s son unloaded on disturbing murder photos last week.