John Lennon ‘Violent’ Threat Before Death Revealed


Late The Beatles icon John Lennon’s official Twitter account posted recently a quote in regards to John and his message of hating violent threats and enjoying peace. This John Lennon dressing room photo with murderer was recently revealed. The following quote can be be seen below:

‘The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.’

In other The Beatles news, fans on The Beatles sub-Reddit have been discussing their thoughts about the newly released fiftieth-anniversary reissue of Abbey Road:

John Lennon called this surprising The Beatles wife ‘Clown’. dalimusic said: “Will take some time to get used to these new mixes. This is definitely the least essential remix due to Abbey Road already sounding pretty good, and I feel like some of the mix changes are a bit overzealous. It’s cool to properly hear all the different layers with much more clarity, but they really changed the feel of a lot of the songs. I remember tearing up when I heard the new Sgt Pepper, and couldn’t get the smile off my face when the new white album came out. This one isn’t quite the revelation as the other two were, even if it does sound drastically different from the original. But overall, not much to complain about, it’s a fine listen! I really hope we get Rubber Soul and Revolver remixes in the new decade.”

Kylorenisbinks praised: ” I just listened to “Because” with headphones and almost cried. This is magnificent, the lead guitar tones are unreal. The bass guitar comes through like a dream. Literally, my only issue is at the beginning of “Here Comes the Sun” there’s a little keyboard line that I feel is slightly too loud. Anyone else agrees? One minor detail in a whole album is pretty good going, so I’m not complaining.”

And blue_alien_police thoroughly gave their rundown:

“The Bad: (and frankly, my only real complaint): In the 2009 version, Polythene Pam and Bathroom Window hit hard and felt good. The acoustic guitar was LOUD and awesome… especially after Paul sings “She came in through the Bathroom Window…” that first time. I’m sure it was an accidental punch up of the guitar, but damn it just felt good.

Sadly, in the two mixes, we have here, I feel like the acoustic guitar has been relegated to a borderline unwanted sideman, save for the opening of Polythene Pam. It’s painfully evident on Bathroom Window. Both songs used to have punch… that is been massively dulled, it’s a bit of a shame. Though, letting Ringo’s drumming shine more than in previous mixes does help to mitigate that a bit.

The good news is that the rest of the album sounds amazing… Golden Slumbers and Carry That Weight gave me chills and are immediate favorites. Octopus’s Garden sounds warmer and more inviting than I remember. And the way the solo in Something is just placed nicely into the song makes the song that much greater (if that’s even possible).” John Lennon’s son unloaded on disturbing murder photos earlier this month.