John Lennon Son Reveals Awful Final Photo With Dad


John Lennon‘s sons, Julian and Sean Lennon recently took to social media via Twitter and Instagram respectively to share these stunning childhood photos to honor their father’s memory. The photos were posted on December 8th, the day of Lennon’s unfortunate and untimely death by assassination. You can view the photos below. Yoko Ono leaks sad John Lennon photo after shooting.

In other regarding Lennon, recently took to the official subreddit of the Beatles to discuss how the world reacted to John Lennon’s assassination when it happened. One user stated: “[It was] probably the biggest shock to the world since Lennon’s was Michael Jackson’s death, but MJ’s demise was nothing in comparison. Jackson was years away from having done anything worthwhile, but Lennon had just come out of retirement, had a record that had just gone gold, and had new, hopeful songs on the radio. Within an hour there were hundreds of people at the Dakota, a crowd that grew into thousands. In New York, every rock radio station played nothing but Beatles/Lennon for a full twenty-four hours afterward (the song “Mind Games” still reminds me of that night because it was played so often). Late-night DJ Vin Scelsa on WNEW spent his shift taking phone calls from grieving fans.” George Harrison unloading on John Lennon hatred recently revealed.

The user continued: “The following Sunday there was a vigil in Central Park, with a ten minute moment of silence, when even the rock radio stations went dark. Headlines in every paper, of course, but those headlines continued for weeks. Any time there was a new development, like Chapman being arraigned, it was headlines. There was no 24-hour news back then, but the local news was wall-to-wall Lennon for days. Nobody was scared. We knew immediately that it was a crazy one-off who had been promptly taken into custody. But I’ve never seen so many people who were just crushed by the death of a celebrity. I was in high school at the time, and the next day in school you could spot the Beatles fans because they were the ones who looked like their best friend had just died.” This John Lennon ‘ugly’ remark before death was newly revealed.