John Lennon Son Unloads On Disturbing Murder Photos


Late The Beatles icon John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon has responded to terrible haters sending him photos of his father’s murderer in a new social media post. John Lennon’s eerie photo with Yoko Ono in New York before his death recently resurfaced.

He said, “It is clear that many of the hundreds of Koreans sending me violent threats, calling me a Nazi, telling me they are glad about the Fukushima disaster, insulting my mother for being Japanese, and sending me photos of the man who murdered my father, that they have never actually read the original comment I posted that started this all—defending my girlfriend for having worn a Clash teeshirt featuring a Japanese rising sun pattern. At the time neither of us had ever heard that in Korea this flag has since early 2000s become taboo.

After I made this first comment I immediately received accusations that I was a Nazi. I have been defending myself ever since. I believe when you read my original comment here and note that I was completely sincere, w out even the slightest hint of cynicism or animosity, you will see why I was absolutely taken aback with the outrage that I received. Suffice it to say that as soon as the attacks began, my tone did indeed change—but it is clear that the strength in my tone was only proportional to the degree to which defending myself was justifiable and necessary. If you call me a Nazi you have used the worst insult that exists in the English language, you cannot expect me to be nice or cordial about it. (John Lennon meeting with the man who broke up The Beatles photo was revealed a couple of weeks ago.)

Although I believe everyone has the right to say what they wish, that does not mean I do not have the right to self defense. Accepting such a vile label as Nazi would be anathema to every fiber of my being. If there are any Koreans in the world who could possibly translate my original comment posted here, and post or DM them to me to make it clear what I ACTUALLY said that supposedly warranted these attacks, please do so. I would be forever grateful. The features on Charlotte and I on Korean and German TV News have been based on distortions and lies.

If those programs would post the actual first comment I made, I’m certain most Koreans would at least deescalate their hatred towards us. We may have differing opinions on what the rising sun pattern represents, but that does not mean we should be enemies. It does not change the fact—as I’ve said before—that my greatest shame as a Japanese man, will always be Japan’s behavior during WWII. 🙏” A John Lennon affair remark was recently detailed on his official social media.