Tom Morello Makes Insane Nine Inch Nails Revelation


Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave icon Tom Morello took part in a social media trend in which you reveal several music-related facts about yourself. Howard Stern recently revealed why Rage Against The Machine broke up. 

From “who was your the first concert” to “who you’ve seen most [in concert]”, Morello dropped quite a number of bombshells. Stern also dropped a Rage Against The Machine reunion bombshell this past month.

However shockingly enough, the most surprising is the fact that he lists the Nine Inch Nails 1991 leg of tour dates as the best concert he’s ever been to – well, along with Led Zeppelin and several other high profile A-list acts. The full tweet can be seen below.

In other Tom Morello related news, a fan on the subreddit for Audioslave was discussing how he discovered Audioslave’s music for the first time:

OneYeetPlease put: “Being a massing RATM fan, I was kinda disappointed when I discovered Prophets of Rage. I was looking for a continuation of Ratm, but didn’t find it in POR. But then I found Audioslave. I know I’m 19 years late, but their debut album is fucking INSANE!!!! Exactly what I was looking for in a continuation of RATM, and although they disbanded in 2007, Chris Cornell passed away 10 years later, I’m still so happy I found this band!”

Out_Shined: “RATM is one of my favorite bands, and Audioslave is my favorite. I like their debut album the most as well. I’m glad you discovered them :)”

SciFiPaine0: “Prophets of rage just can’t come close to replacing Zack de la Rochas unique voice imv”

killingintherageof: “I feel the same way, I never really gave them a chance, until I ran out of ratm material to jam to and it’s almost all just as good !” This Rage Against The Machine member reacted to the tragic death of Ric Ocasek earlier this September

“What’s your concert history?
1st concert:

Last concert:

Next concert:

Best: Zeppelin/The Clash/RUN-DMC/Jane’s Addiction/NIN ‘91/Acoustic Springsteen/L.Cohen/Roger Waters
Worst: Front242.
Seen most: Springsteen/Tool.
Haven’t seen but want: ?”