John Lennon Widow Disgusting Restaurant Photo Revealed


The official Twitter account for late The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following series of pictures. One of the pictures has John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono smoking inside of the restaurant. John Lennon’s widow was spotted with Ringo Starr. This particular restaurant, Cafe La Fortuna was a haunt for The Beatles back in the 1980s and taken back during a time when smoking in public was still socially acceptable. John Lennon revealed this sad George Harrison paycheck.

As we all are aware, present Day New York City isn’t the most inclusive place for smokers. Under the Smoke Free Air Act, smoking is illegal in most indoor places, including bars, restaurants, clubs, offices, and many other public areas. You can view this historically retro photo below. This John Lennon creepy death remark finally leaked.

n other news regarding The Beatles, fans on the subreddit for the band have been discussing their thoughts about the fiftieth-anniversary reissue of Abbey Road which came out last week.

Reddit user Dr. Winston O’Boogie went off with their thoughts and stated the following:

“Overall thoughts- I wasn’t even aware this came out last week and got around to listening to it today. The Pepper remasters are the ones that really got it perfect. On White Album the pop songs were big improvements but the rock ones didn’t sound as good. On this one a few songs are a little better, a few are worse, and most are pretty similar.

Song by song thoughts-

Come Together- A slight improvement. The guitar sounds bigger and the drum sounds are crisper.

Something- Talked about this early. I think the drums/bass are too heavy and it isn’t right for what is supposed to be a ballad.

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer- The phrase “You can’t polish a turd” comes to mind

Oh Darling- I can’t tell much of a difference beyond more pronounced backing vocals

Octopus Garden- Still not the greatest song but the remaster is good. The guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals all sound great.

I Want You (She’s so Heavy)- Still too long, but all the instrumental elements sound so powerful (guitar, bass, and drums) I’ve always said the fadeout sounds like waiting room music for hell and that has never been truer here.

Here Comes the Sun- I thought this was going to have a really huge sound and emphasize the orchestrations, but instead, the core band seems to be highest in the mix with the strings in the back. Not how I would have done it but it’s a different approach.

Because- Sounds a bit crisper but otherwise pretty similar to past versions.

You Never Give Me Your Money- I can’t put my finger on it, but there seems to be more “separation” here. Obviously, there were a lot of overdubs on Abbey Road, but for some reason on this remaster it sounds like all the instruments and especially the vocals are coming from different takes.

Sun King- I liked this one, the guitar sounds gorgeous. Of course, it’s just a very good song in general too.

Mean Mr. Mustard- Just an interlude, but the drums sound great

Polythene Pam- Another interlude. Like how crisp the acoustic guitar sounds.

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window- Pretty similar to other versions. Crisp drums and vocals.

Golden Slumbers- Sounds pretty much the same, IMO

Carry that Weight- Another good one. The “carry that weight” refrain comes through even louder and clear, the horns blast through everything else, and I noticed piano on the bridge where I’d never heard it before.

The End- Ringo’s drum solo and the guitar solos sound great. The piano and backing vocals also sound great in the end part.

Goodbye and the beautiful string only versions of Something and Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight was the highlights of the bonus stuff.”

and your-birdcansing chimed in with: “I think You never give me your money has always had weird panning. Especially when he starts singing “out of college..” the remix at least improved the vocals during that part.

A lot of the songs sound the same just louder and fuller, and way better. Especially polythene Pam and She Came in the Bathroom Window. And I love how clear the drums are, I feel like they were weirdly low on some remixed White Album songs.

Giles also turned the opening of Sun King from 10/10 to 11/10.”