John Lennon Widow Spotted With Ringo Starr


The official Instagram account for late The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following picture of Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono posing with the band in a lovely group photo. John Lennon’s widow revealed this beach swimsuit photo. The group photo was accompanied by a section of lyrics from The Beatles’ 1969 classic hit, “Because” which appears on their masterclass album Abbey Road. You can view the post below. This ‘disgusting’ John Lennon cocaine secret was uncovered.

Because the world is round it turns me on⠀
Because the world is round⠀
Because the wind is high it blows my mind⠀
Because the wind is high⠀
Love is old, love is new⠀
Love is all, love is you⠀
Because the sky is blue it makes me cry⠀
Because the sky is blue⠀

“Yoko plays classical piano and she was playing one day and… I dunno what it was – Beethoven or something – I said, “give me them chords backwards” and I wrote ‘Because’ on top of it – the Moonlight Sonata backwards. ⠀

And the lyrics just speak for themselves. They’re clear, right? No bullshit! No imagery, no obscure references. ⠀

It’s the shortest one on the album and it’s only about two minutes or something. Then it stops and then it goes into the long medley.”⠀


In other news regarding John Lennon and The Beatles fans took to the official Facebook page of the group to wish the late vocalist of the band a happy birthday. John Lennon would have turned seventy-nine years old on October 9th.

Mairelys  said: “Shine on you your crazy diamond, our pal, the man at charge, our John, we salute you always in this day the ones who fell lost back in our teenage years and one day we listen The Beatles and our world change, The Beatles was and is the best companion in this lonely world. Thanks, John from our hearts we used to be the Lonely People like the song but with you no more, I give a huge hug to your memory today cause you are alive for us in your music and everything you did, we love you more than words can express.”

Eric posted: “Happy birthday genius, you’ll be always remembered by your music and your messages to make this world better, they didn’t want to listen to you but they couldn’t shut you up anyway, you’ll be eternally missed by all of us who love you and your work, as your old friend Paul says: “if only you were here today🥺”, happy birthday John Lennon🥺❣️”

Lucio replied: “We all miss him. John Lennon IS a genius. I mean “IS” BECAUSE HIS WORKS GO ON. Thank you, John. Quoting one of your masterpieces “In My Life”: We’ll often stop and think about YOU at any tune we’ll ever listen to. The History of the XXth century music is written Before and After The Beatles – the band you founded for our joy and is still THE BAND.” John Lennon called this member of The Beatles a ‘Loser’.