Bono Daughter ‘Dirty’ U2 Swimsuit Photo Revealed


U2 frontman Bono‘s daughter Jordan Joy Hewston is getting down and dirty over at the dead sea as she recently uploaded the following photo of herself all covered in mud. You can view the photo below. Bono’s daughter tight corset photo stuns U2 fans.

In other news regarding Bono and U2, one U2 and Bono superfan took to the U2 subreddit to discuss their recent project involving the namesake of one of U2’s most iconic albums – The Joshua Tree. This user in particular recently visited the Joshua Tree with the purpose of preserving it digitally. U2 Singer Bono Reveals ‘Worst Drug Meltdown’

U2 singer Bono reveals ‘worst drug meltdown’. The user, named dofking told the community: “A few weeks ago while on vacation I decided to take a day to visit the location of the Joshua Tree with the purpose of building a 3D reconstruction of the location. Using my Sony a7III and DJI Mavic Pro, I took around 4000 pictures of the site. Since my visit, I have started the recreation process using the technique of Photogrammetry to build a highly detailed 3D model of the tree and its surroundings. In my time at the site, I also took inventory of all of the items left in three of the containers on location in order to start building a dataset of the site where visitors can elaborate on the story behind the item they left, I currently have this as a private AirTable database that I can share out if you have been to the site and would like to elaborate on your visit. I have also built a website to serve as an online spot for the location where visitors can share the story of their journey to the tree, and see the recreation progress. The future plan is to eventually build a VR/AR experience with both the model and the data collected on-site.”

Bono’s daughter caught with Channing Tatum in U2 bed. Whereas fellow Redditor MJsdanglebaby commented in response: “This is amazing. This is actually amazing. Great project. The U2 community is even better and stronger because of your work. Looking forward to the end product. If you are interested in collaborating on this project, feel free to visit the site HERE.