Ozzy Osbourne Caught Partying By Wife In Sad Video


Ozzy Osbourne has always been known for being quite the party animal and even at his advanced age, that has not changed one bit! Ozzy Osbourne’s family revealed this sad cancer photo. The seventy year old rocker was recently caught living it up at the birthday party for his wife Sharon Osbourne whose birthday was recently. It looks like the two had a delightful time! You can view the awfully sweet video below. Ozzy Osbourne’s recently made this painful ‘heart attack’ claim. 

In other news regarding the ‘Prince of Darkness’, fans took to the official Facebook page of Osbourne to discuss his 2001 retro hit “Gets Me Through.” The track was released off of Osbourne’s 2001 album – Down To Earth. 

Vikki said: “The thought of seeing you and Zakk Wylde together again is enough reason for me to hang on to my tickets for when No More Tears 2 resumes next year. Feel bad for the European folks that missed out, but hey…I know that you’ll be worth the wait Ozzy. I can’t f’ing wait!!!”

Helen put: “I’m not the kind of person you think I am..I’m not the anti-christ or the iron man… I have a vision that I just can’t control.. I feel I’ve lost my spirit and sold my soul… got no control.” 

Clarissa: ” Take care of yourself Ozzy. We love you <3 I was so excited to see you for the first time in Britow,VA last year. The place had every age imaginable of people and the next day when we toured local places everyone was wearing concert shirts and stopping to talk to each other about it. It was the most amazing experience.” Ozzy Osbourne’s sister recently revealed ‘heartbreaking’ family news.