Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Announces ‘Special Surprise’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has tweeted: “Chicago, tune in to @WGNMorningNews tomorrow, to catch a special holiday performance, interview and a special surprise from WPC.”

Corgan also provided an update on Instagram regarding his planned solo double album, “Just finished recasting/reworking the outlier song that hadn’t made the cut of 16 in Nashville (to be recorded when I go back for overdubs in February(?).

So at least a double LP looks more likely now. I’ve also been reworking the ‘Dust and Ruin’ songs from 2000-2002 for re-recording (some, not all) which sets up a future release of the original tapes (recently transferred anew). And now, back to #Christmasland #Ogilala #WPC #billyboy.”

WPC also described how he celebrates Christmas, “Christmasland: Santa’s corner! Each year I do 4 such displays of vintage holiday collectibles. Antique malls are always a good place to find such items (year round). I’m already planning next year’s ‘kick up’ by adding tree lights with real, old school bulbs and possibly adding a 5th tree (this year, we have 4 up: two real and two faux; a silver, space age 50’s one and a 60’s, white whirlwind like Grandma Lillian had). #Santa #WPC #AugustusJuppiter @chloemendel.”