Johnny Depp Fans Leak Sad Amber Heard Party Video


Amber Heard is obviously a name that has many split. She, of course, starred in many hit movies, but what’s worse is the trial that was about her and Johnny Depp. She has now again gone viral on social media.

As reported by NDTV – An old video has surfaced on Twitter and other platforms that shows her dancing to Netflix series Selena’s ‘Como La Flor’. The clip was shot when she was working on set for Conor Allyn’s ‘In the Fire’ in Guatemala. It shows Heard dancing. The video was from April 7, 2022, just before her trial with Johnny Depp began on April 11th, where she tried to act miserable.

The defamation trial against Johnny Depp showed both the parties making several serious allegations against each other. The case ended in favour of Johnny Depp awarding $10.35 million in damages to Depp, and $2 million to Heard.

Amber Heard challenged the verdict, but dropped the appeal in December last year against the $10 million, settling with Depp’s team and agreeing to pay $1 million, which he donated to charity.

Heard is now living in Spain’s Mallorca, with her daughter and rumoured partner, Bianca Butti.

It’s not yet clear if Amber Heard will be back in acting any time soon as the trial did surely paint a very sour picture of her, but it does look like that Amber is still known and trending world wide at any moment. As for Johnny Depp, he has been able to live life pretty easily since the trial.

Depp certainly had many more supporters on his side and for good reason. Heard has not spoken public for some time either since the end of the trial.