Ozzy Osbourne Family Leaks ‘Last Photo’ Before Sad Death


Ozzy Osbourne‘s daughter the talented and incomparable Kelly Osbourne took to social media to issue the following statement regarding the shocking death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, along with a photo of the two together. Bryant who was considered to be the best to ever play the game of basketball was one of nine passengers who died Sunday in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. There were no survivors. Bryant was 41. Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘embarrassing’ Brad Pitt claim recently revealed.

Osbourne wrote on Instagram: “What more can I say then I’m simply devastated. Kobe was a one of a kind. My thoughts and prayer go out to his family and loved ones.”

In other news regarding Ozzy Osbourne and his family, Osbourne was recently interviewed during CBS’ Grammy Red Carpet Live Program and didn’t hold back, whatsoever. The ‘Ozzman’ exclaimed: “This last year has been hell for me. I’ve had surgery on my neck. I’ve announced to the world that I’ve got Parkinson’s. It’s been one rock ‘n’ roll year for me.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s heartbreaking ‘goodbye’ note recently revealed. However, Osbourne still looks forward to touring in support of his highly anticipated album, Ordinary Man. Osbourne continued: “If I’m well enough, I’ll work towards it [touring]. “I’m having physical therapy every day, five days a week. I’m trying, doing the best I can. Neck surgery’s not easy.”

The daughter of ‘The Prince of Darkness’, Kelly Osbourne then chimed in to offer a status update as she said: “Seeing how far Dad’s come this year and how far he’s come in the last week alone has just been incredible. I think coming out and telling his truth has been a weight lifted off of his shoulders. And even his physical therapist is saying how far you have moved forward in this last week is insane.” Ozzy Osbourne recently leaked this ‘offensive’ near-death photo.