Josh Homme Accused Of ‘Killing’ Popular 90’s Band


Nick Oliveri recently called out former Kyuss bandmates Josh Homme and Scott Reeder for not allowing the use of the “Kyuss” band name.

Nick Oliveri lashes out at Kyuss bandmate

During his stint in the band, Oliveri played alongside guitarist Homme (whom he would also play with in Queens of the Stone Age), singer John Garcia, bassist Scott Reeder, and drummer Brant Bjork. This lineup would release the band’s debut, 1991’s Wretch, and the seminal 1992 desert/stoner metal album Blues for a Red Sun before Oliveri left the group in 1992. Bjork stuck around for one more album, 1994’s Welcome to Sky Valley, while the entire band would break up two years later in 1995.

Homme has since achieved international fame with Queens of the Stone Age, while Oliveri who left QOTSA in 2004 and Bjork recently formed the far more Kyuss-esque group Stöner. Previously, Oliveri, Garcia, and Bjork had announced plans to tour in 2010 under the name Kyuss Lives!, but that was shot down after Homme and Reader took legal action. Instead, they recorded and toured under the name Vista Chino.

In a new interview, Oliveri offered fans a status update regarding a the possibility of touring under the Kyuss name again. Calling Kyuss a “fan’s band,” Oliveri told Goetia Media: “[The fans] wanted us to play. I wish we were able to play. But I don’t have any ownership or stake in the name. [Bjork] came up with the name; he didn’t have ownership in it. He left the band at one point. The existing members registered the name. So it’s just as simple as that.”

He continued: “I kind of feel a lot of different ways about it. I feel like why do you wanna own the name if you wanna kill the band? Let us run with it and have a good time. We’re playing [the songs] with all respect to the music that we can, as close to it as we can. And the fans, we owe it to ’em.”