Kanye West Drops Michael Jackson Death Bombshell


Kanye West has been incredibly divisive and has split so many due to his words that took social media by storm. Not only has Kanye been stating his very negative views, but he has been extremely vocal about other people who share famous limelight as well. In this case, Kanye spoke about Michael Jackson and his passing.

On the Tim Cast, Kanye was a guest and spoke about his mental health issues that he doesn’t deem as issues. In the interview, he talked about how he was “wrongfully diagnosed,” as well as being on “so much lithium,” that doctors would not tell him how high the dosage was.

With this, Kanye was told by others on the show that he was being “Brittney Spears’ed,” but Kanye West would correct them by saying that he was being “Michael Jackson’ed”.

This, of course, alludes to the overdose of propofol that was administered to Michael Jackson, which his doctor was given time in prison for. To this day, many do believe that there was a conspiracy to kill Michael Jackson, although, motives have not exactly been clear as to why anyone in the industry would want Michael Jackson killed, but there have been many theories on the topic.

Below, you can see the clip where Ye makes the above statements.