Ted Nugent Accuses Joe Biden Of Illegal Crime


Ted Nugent has recently taken to Twitter to speak on politics. Of course, Nugent has a very hefty track record regarding things that he has said in the past. Most of the time, Nugent goes off the wall and speaks up on topics which he holds near to him.

The issue is that the way that Nugent says a lot of things can be taken extremely. On top of that, Ted Nugent has been canceled many times. He may even be going for a record as he recently posted some very hot takes on Twitter.

Nugent said: “early Oct Biden secretly bribed the railroad workers to wait to strike until after the midterms so that prices wouldn’t go up? Its happening right now just as I was told 2 months ago. superprick”

Ted Nugent’s words were rallied behind by his supporters on Twitter and then the comment section would eventually blow up as the tweet was shared around thousands of times with both the left and right going at it with one another not only in the comment section, but in the quote tweets as well.

In the end, Ted’s tweet gained a lot of traction, but everything would eventually settle down on both sides of the comment section along with those who would quote the tweet. Ted never did go into the comment section himself to side with his supporters or to go after anyone who didn’t agree with his thoughts.

It seems that while he wants to talk about what’s on his mind; he doesn’t want to deal with anyone who supports or opposes his viewpoints.