Kanye West Going Missing Bombshell Revealed


Controversial star Kanye West(now known as Ye) has found himself in trouble. His ex-business manager, Thomas St. John can’t locate the star to serve him with the $4.5M contract lawsuit amid rumors the rapper is ‘missing,’ according to court docs reported by The U.S. Sun.

Kanye West is missing

The 45-year-old music mogul went viral after a tweet called him “missing.” The Twitter post read: “Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to find for weeks according to his ex-business manager.”

The “ex-business manager” is believed to be Thomas St John, given his ongoing lawsuit against Kanye West and his company, Yeezy.

Back on December 19, 2022, court filing obtained by The U.S. Sun, Thomas is seeking an extension of time to serve Ye and the other defendant, Yeezy LLC, the court docs. He and his attorneys are asking to extend the time until the end of March due to multiple failed attempts to contact Ye.

As of right now, there is a scheduled case management conference set for April 2023.

Kanye’s former business manager is also having trouble notifying his lawyers because they believe he does not have an attorney.

The court filing stated: “We were advised about a new law firm for defendants, but not a specific point of contact. We subsequently learned of information in the news that the law firm identified as new counsel was not affiliated with the defendants.

“Accordingly, we have not been able to serve defendants through their counsel. As a general matter, we have had difficulty confirming the best current address of Kanye West.”

The filing continued: “For Mr. West, despite our diligent efforts, we were unable to ascertain his current residential address, and therefore, have not yet made attempts to serve him personally. Instead, we have attempted to service him by mail at multiple possible addresses.”

Thomas and his team added: “We will continue to make diligent and reasonable attempts to serve defendants,” even going as far as hiring “appropriate agencies” to help them locate him.

Failed servicing attempts come two months after the complaint was filed in Los Angeles. According to court docs, Thomas filed the lawsuit because he wasn’t paid for the 18-month guaranteed term working as Ye’s senior financial advisor and Chief Financial Officer.

He was supposed to get paid $300K per month but only ended up working three months, which he allegedly did not receive payments for, court docs claim. In a January 2022 meeting, detailed in the complaint, Thomas mentioned that the Praise God singer allegedly became “heated and aggressive” and “screamed” at Mr. St John, saying he didn’t want to work with him anymore.

Thomas sued $4.5 million for damages, which includes the $900K he was allegedly owed for his work and the remaining months he was guaranteed per the contract. Kanye nor his rep have responded to the lawsuit.