Gene Simmons Daughter Mocks Awful Photo Of Dad


KISS icon Gene Simmons‘ lovely daughter Sophie Simmons poked some fun at her Dad for looking ready to go to sleep in a photo she took over the Christmas holiday. Sophie tweeted, “hahahah my finest work.”

Bruce posted about the importance of Bruce Kulick to KISS in a new topic about what got fans into KISS, “In a word: Bruce Kulick. I’m a hobby guitarist, but if I could play like anyone else, it would be him. He plays how I would want to sound. Out of all the other guitarists in KIϟϟ, Bruce was always my guitar hero. He doesn’t sound like anyone else and seems very deliberate in his choice of phrasing. He elevates even filler songs, giving them a measure of interest that just would not be there, otherwise. And what he can do with a great song, he can have it just soaring. Tears Are Falling, for instance!

I credit Bruce with capturing my interest in KIϟϟ music and being able to hold it. And then, to have his (formerly cool) brother Bob involved with the makeup era, I took greater interest in that part of it. Wanted to be more informed about it. In the end, Bruce made KIϟϟ seem worthwhile knowing, to me.”

BassManSteiny responded, “I don’t ever remember being a casual fan. From the minute I saw the cover of my sister’s Destroyer album/record, I put it on and that was it. I was hooked forever.

Side note, the era that I became a fan was the mid to late 80s after Bruce was already in the band. It was also about the same time I discovered MTV. So I love both lineups of the band. The original and the Gene, Paul, Bruce, and Eric Carr lineup. I also have a special appreciation for the Revenge/Alive 3 lineup because that was when I was a teen in High School. Cruising around in my Mustang blasting Revenge and Alive 3, along with Metallica, Megadeath, Anthrax, White Zombie, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.” Gene Simmons recently revealed if Paul Stanley is past his prime.