John Lennon ‘Steroids’ Claim Leaks In Sad Photo


The official John Lennon Twitter account recently posted a photo and recap from Rolling Stone Magazine: “In 1968, John & Yoko invited photographer Ethan Russell to their home in the suburbs of London.” Paul McCartney brutally rips John Lennon family.

Ethan Russell: ‘They really loved each other, and you can see it. Photographing Mick Jagger was a huge fucking deal. John Lennon was that on steroids.'”

John Lennon Widow Reveals Bad Haircut Before Death. A fan on Reddit recently penned a moving opinion piece about Yoko Ono, defending her from angry fans:

“I might be the only one who thinks this but Yoko really doesn’t deserve the hate.

Yes she might have given John the influence to leave the Beatles and start doing his own things. But John loved her and blaming Yoko or anyone alone for the break up isn’t fair. The Beatles had been drifting apart for almost a year before John even met Yoko and she was a really good influence on him. She was everything John needed a mother figure, a teacher and a wife. John Lennon widow brutal ‘struggling’ photo revealed.

She also let him express himself as just him not limited to anybody else’s opinion in a band

After everything is said and done the Beatles were bound to break up at one point or another and all of their solo careers were amazing as well.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my opinions on this”

Winston Legthigh replied: “There are legitimate reasons to hate on Yoko, but breaking up the Beatles isn’t one of them.”

Idreamofpikas opines:

True. But the hate seems to be more of meme now than something genuine. Has Yoko genuinely been hated for the last few decades for splitting up the Beatles?

This was true in the 70’s and Lennon’s interviews reflects that. The trouble with Lennon dying in 1980 is that all we have of him is those many interviews from the decade before he died.

I think most people stopped blaming her when she became a widowed single mother.

The people who do dislike her, dislike her for many reasons (most petty), not exclusively about her role in breaking up the Beatles.

  • Sheen

    Piece of dog sht article. Whomever wrote it is a moron.

  • John Horvath

    John Lennon “Hemmorhoid” Claim Brings Sad Anal Leaking Photo

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    Man what a stupid title! And article!

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    Please for the love of god stop writing. You make me weep for the future (and present) of journalism. You are what is wrong woth media

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    I’m glad I’m not the only one calling the “writers” of alternative nation out. This “article” would be shameless if it were actually about anything. This site’s “articles” equates to people thinking they are photographers because they can snap a picture with their phone and put a filter on it. Just because you can type some words, hit submit and have it presented on the internet does not make you a writer. Content, substance, subtext, metaphor, clever turns of phrase, word play, er cetera… are what make a writer. I found none of that in the a over drivel. When you consider the U.S. Constitution is a written document, and juxtapose it next to this shit. Wow. That’s one hell of a gap. My point is: Fuck alternative nation, fuck their “writers,” and above all else, fuck their advertisers.

  • Another headline that is a blatant lie, deliberately implying Lennon used steroids when that’s not at all what was meant. You should be ashamed of yourselves.