Keith Richards ’Bag’ Full Of Drugs At Hotel Revealed


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards allegedly had a massive ‘doctor’s bag’ full of drugs, according to Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood.

Jo Wood told RNZ that she was meeting Ronnie for one of their first dates in Paris, and that’s when she first saw Keith’s bag full of ‘goodies.’

“We had no mobile phones then and I just had the address of a hotel, I didn’t have much money and I think I asked my father to lend me the money for the ticket. ‘I’m going to Paris Dad’, I didn’t tell him who with.”

“And I’ve got to Paris, got to the hotel, and he hadn’t even made a reservation – nothing. And I was lucky that they gave me this little tiny maid’s room at the top of the hotel. And it came to one o’clock in the morning and he still wasn’t there and I thought what an idiot I have been.”

Jo was then finally asked to come up, and was greeted by Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood at the hotel room door. Keith Richards having problems with a rock icon accused of a pedophile act was recently revealed.

“He didn’t say anything at first, he pushed past me, sat right down opened his ‘doctor’s bag’ as he used to call it, took out a spoon and crushed a tablet and got a syringe and stuck it straight through his shirt into his muscle and then turned around and said, ‘How lovely to meet you, my dear. I’ve heard so much about you’”

The Rolling Stones are rumored to tour in 2020, but some fans on are wondering if a new album could come first. Hairball wrote, “New album vs. new tour…what comes first? Or will they coincide? Something tells me new tour announcement before any new album.

Of course everyone is hoping for a new album, and it still might happen with the new tour, but if not at least they’ll be active on the road for those of us who still enjoy seeing them live.
There are a few who refuse to see them live any more for whatever reason, and perhaps their reasoning is justified, but if there’s no new album it’s gonna be another tough year of discussing/living in the past.

Best case scenario – new album + new tour. Worst case scenario – no new album and no new tour. A possibility – a new tour w/maybe a new single or at most an EP which was rumoured the last tour.
Realistically (imo) – a new tour with no new album. Same stage, same setlist (give or take a ‘rarity’), same old, same old. And if that’s what it comes down to, I’m resigned to the fact…it’s still a great day when the Rolling Stones are out on the road. I can hear Mick now…’Here’s the vote winner and one we haven’t played for quite some time now…Angie!'”

You can read the full interview at RNZ.