Keith Richards Daughter Leaks ‘Wasted’ Photo At Club


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ daughter Theodora posted a rare photo of her father getting liquored up with David Bowie and Tina Turner to celebrate Turner’s 80th birthday. Keith Richards calling out The Black Crowes for a ripoff was detailed a couple of weeks ago.

Theodora wrote, “Happy birthday to the center of this magnificent Oreo. What a woman!!! So much Love being sent to @tinaturner NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS.” Keith himself wrote, “Dear Tina, Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Forever beautiful. Love, Keith @Tinaturner Photo: Bob Gruen (Taken at the Ritz Club in New York City).”

Theodora’s father Keith Richards is rumored to be working on a new The Rolling Stones album according to a new rumor with a supposed quote from producer Don Was.

KRiffhard posted, “‘We probably have 40 (tracks), and depending on the 10 we choose to finish, the character of the album will be determined. Right now it can go any way. There’s some really good stuff in there, and there’s a sense that making a good album is not good enough, it’s got to be great’ Don Was, July 2019.”

JLowe responded, “Surely Don Was cannot be serious. Fake News? Why spend time laying down 40 or so tracks? 10 to 15 at the most, refine and polish and then discard 3 or 4. Job done.”

Rocky Dijon wrote, “I wince every time I hear that expression. They always lay down 40 or 50 tracks. They usually just mean ideas, not finished compositions. It could be a riff or just a bridge or a chorus, all in search of a song. Granted, Mick is supposed to have about 40 songs since 2011 and he tends to finish his ideas regardless. That said, there is a rumor that they’re sandbagging material for future releases, but honestly let’s get one album out of them before we consider four.”

He added, “If there is any truth to such a rumor it would be so that there are several more packages to generate revenue in the next set of years…the same as you’ve seen with Jackson or Prince or any other major artist.

The real question is what is reality as of the moment. Do they just have a bunch of jams, riffs, and no actual songs or do they have a few dozen songs and a bunch of different arrangements and mixes of that pool of material. We’ve all heard both possibilities.” A rare photo of Keith Richards looking strung out was recently leaked.