Keith Richards Family Leaks Private Photo


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ daughter Theodora Richards has defended her decision to leak a photo of herself where she took her clothes off, showing off her well endowed good looks. Keith Richards’ daughter cried recently after a big name rejection.

“And I usually don’t do this but I posted that last picture and ultimately nice responses. Thanks lovelies. But the few that were negative disturbs me. My friends and family know I can be a bit of exhibitionist but I also have a lot of family that I do not like upsetting because I love them but I feel that the human body is beautiful and should not be shamed at all. So I will offend a few people politely, sassy and with love. And nudity is not new or even that outrageous in my opinion.”

Keith Richards’ wife leaked a Paul McCartney ‘love’ photo last week. Cindylight_Photography commented, “I know! I was surprised by some of the responses too. It didn’t strike me as fast, racy, raunchy or any of that. Pretty tame and harmless really. Especially in comparison to what’s considered the norm these days. ~I suppose they meant well, but mercy (!), we all need to remember the body is a beautiful thing, and sitting in judgment really isn’t helpful.

Be sassy & ENJOY your body while you can! One day, you’ll be celebrating your hard earned wrinkles instead! It’s ALL good! PS Your entire family strikes me as a very loving, thoughtful family. I love your daddy to the moon and back. Mom & dad clearly raised you all with great big loving 💖‘s. And THAT is the kind of example we should all be appreciating. Keep letting that beautiful light shine.”

HannahFord1980 said, “It’s your account girl, post what you like! You look AMAZING so celebrate that if you want to! It’s not like it’s the only thing you celebrate – You’re all about other things too like family, love and friendship, so please don’t let anyone else tell you how to be.” Howard Stern recently revealed a crazy Keith Richards party demand.