Keith Richards Daughter Cries After Big Name Rejection


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ daughter Theodora Richards reacted to Sailor Brinkley Cook being rejected on Dancing With The Stars on Monday, “@sailorbrinkleycook you just constantly blow my mind. I am crying 😭 at how much I’ve seen this dance thing just make you shine even brighter than you already did which is hard because you are blindingly wonderful! I love you.” Tom Petty’s daughter recently revealed a creepy Keith Richards photo.

Keith Richards’ wife, and Theodora’s mother, Patti Hansen commented, “Sailor you are awesome!!!”

Sailor wrote, “Last night was heartbreaking. I was so not ready for this experience to finish so soon but wow am i grateful for every minute of it!

I loved every sweaty moment in the rehearsal studio pushing myself past so many inhibitions and insecurities, and laughing my way through it all with my buddies @michdibs @valentin . And then doing something every Monday that i never in a million years thought i could be capable of. It was such a gift, no matter how nervous i was getting up on that stage i’d always look around and think what is my life!? How blessed am I?! This experience changed my whole outlook on life. All my life I let my fears hold me back from anything i wasn’t comfortable with. This experience made me feel unstoppable. Each day on this rollercoaster ride was a massive learning lesson, a journey in 24 hours.

Keith Richards’ wife recently revealed a Paul McCartney ‘love’ photo. Sailor added, “Thank you to everyone for showing me so much love and to all my close friends and family for always believing in me and supporting me. Thank you to the whole crew on DWTS for showing unconditional kindness always. To my cast-mates who quickly became such good friends, thank you for taking me in and being so kind and supportive.. I’ll miss you guys! But I’m so excited to see y’all light up that stage on Monday!

And a massive thank you to my fearless partner and friend @valentin for everything, for believing in my strengths, for never giving up, for cracking me up every day (i think this photo of us in the studio sums it up) I’ll sincerely miss dancing by your side. But i know it won’t be the last time.

I am so grateful to have taken this chance, befriended some really amazing people, had some bucket list experiences and have these stories to tell forever. And i’ll never stop dancing!!!! Feeling so filled with love and gratitude! Thank you!!!

Patti Hansen responded, “Can’t wait for you to show us all how to dance! Sailor your a beacon! You belong on the big screen your a natural ! Looking forward to catching up with you 💃❤️ much love patti.” Keith Richards’ daughter is ‘in love’ with an older rock icon.