Robert Plant Reveals What A-List Female Star Did To Him


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant gave his take on recording with A-list bluegrass singer-songwriter Alison Krauss during a new edition of his podcast, Digging Deep. Robert Plant took a brutal shot at a big name yesterday.

Krauss and Plant would release an album together, 2007’s Raising Sand, which was met with acclaim, winning album of the year at the 2008 Americana Music Honors & Awards and at the 2009 Grammy Awards. Alternative Nation transcribed Plant’s comments.

Plant: So with Allison [Krauss], I had to learn with somebody else who is a fantastic singer. So she started teaching me how to alternate harmonies and –

Co-host: How to sing!

Plant: How to sing, yeah. The Shapeshifters, we do the most fantastic version of happy birthday to you now. We got multi-part harmonies, Albanian quarter-tones, and stuff. Yet, it all began in that little room out there in Cleveland.

Robert Plant savagely called out Led Zeppelin impersonators recently, and fans desperately want to see a Led Zeppelin reunion. Jimmy Page recently wrote on Instagram, “On this day in 1985, The Firm played Meadowlands with Les Paul.

During ‘The Firm’ tour, we were due to play at Meadowlands, New Jersey. I’d hooked up again with Les Paul in New York, and was really keen to introduce him onstage and establish what a tremendous influence he had been on myself and a whole playing and recording generation. Les accepted the invitation and on that evening, surprised me by saying that he had a small investment in Meadowlands going back some years.”