Motley Crue Reveal Embarrassing KISS Secret


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was recently interviewed by JC Fernandez of Las Vegas Now, and he appeared to confirm rumors that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley had the Crue kicked off a tour for offensive behavior. Alternative Nation transcribed his KISS and The Dirt remarks. A Motley Crue icon recently called out a ‘monster’ after tragic news.

Fernandez asked Neil, “Is it true that KISS kicked Motley Crue off the tour because Motley Crue was too rowdy for KISS?”

Neil responded, “That’s what I heard.”

Vince Neil recently revealed what KISS did to Motley Crue. He said about the actor who played him in The Dirt Netflix biopic, “I think he was great. I talked to him a lot during the filming of the movie, and he really did his homework.”

He said about how accurate the film was, “Everything was really right, except where sometimes the things that happened were maybe at a different place.”

He said about the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, “It’s really cool. They get these guys together, and some famous rock and rollers come and help ’em out, and then they learn a bunch of songs. And they do ’em together for the first time. It’s a neat concept.”

He also offered advice to aspiring rockers, “It’s not really about being a rock star, but just a musician. If you’re in a band, and you really believe in it, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”