Keith Richards Photo With Ronnie Wood Daughter Leaks


Keith Richards posted a photo with Ronnie Wood and Ronnie’s wife and daughters to celebrate Wood’s birthday on Twitter, as seen by scrolling down below. The Rolling Stones in their prime were known for really pushing the envelope. The envelope that they pushed wasn’t always the best either. Most of the time, it was focused around some pretty outlandish lines that they had in their songs which set the world on fire at the time. Some of the lines could still be seen as problematic today.

In 1978, when Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was asked by NBC News to comment on remarks that their latest record was racist and sexist, he stated the following about the context: “The next [record] is going to be more racist and more sexist, and it is going to be a whole bunch better.”

The comments made by Mick Jagger were edged on the ethos of what punk was at the time albeit not making it right to do or say the things that Mick Jagger had brought into the songs by The Rolling Stones.

Not all of what was said by Jagger was the notion of offense was the singular aim of a song. You see, in 1970 the triumphant band was contacted by Decca Records. However, they wanted to leave to start their own label to ensure they got a greater cut of their royalties. The issue was that they were still under contract with Decca and had one more single to fulfill their end of the deal.

This is where Mick Jagger and the band drew the line with making efforts to get off of their label. While there was no way to leave without issues – Mick Jagger came up with lyrics that would leave the label stunted.

Jagger would say in songs such things as: “Where can I get my a** f**ked?” At the time, this was grounds for firing, but that’s exactly what the band wanted.