Keith Richards Reveals Worst Drug He Has Used


One of the most notorious drug users in the world of music is none other than the legendary rocker, Keith Richards. Keith Richards is arguably the first person that many would think of when they think of classic Rock N Roll. The antics that Richards has done in this life are above and beyond anyone else. In fact, Keith Richards may just be immortal. While he doesn’t shy away from his drug use, snorting his dad’s ashes, or the lifestyle – he does feel that he shy’s away from fans sometimes which he feels jumpstarted his drug abuse.

At 78 years old, the musician became a bit of a running joke when it comes to the rockstar lifestyle, as even with all his history of excess and substance abuse, Richards will outlive us all. Of course, he was never shy during his career regarding his love affair with drugs, especially heroin, which had a hold on him for a while, with a peak during the ’70s.

In a new documentary series on the band titled “My Life as a Rolling Stone”, Richards spoke openly about the early days of his drug use. And, looking at his extrovert personality onstage, fans might be surprised to know that it was the fame that pushed the musician over the edge.

Keith Richards: “I guess in a way you get shy of things, crowds, and stuff, because I mean I can’t go to a movie, to a cinema anymore. Sometimes when I have, I’ve never felt more embarrassed in my life. I’ve ruined the whole movie for everybody, right? I get shy in that situation, you know? And that just comes with fame and all of that crap. I think the reason I was taking [heroin] was to deal with fame and pressure and it’s one way to run away. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.”