Tom Petty’s Daughter ‘Scared’ By Fake News


Tom Petty’s daughter Annakim Violette Petty (also known as Kimberly) has appeared to follow up her Monday rant against Rolling Stone for prematurely reporting her father’s death with a new Instagram post yesterday.

She wrote yesterday, “fake news scares me ️Invite love.”

She also wrote regarding her Dad, “Made in heaven.”

She thanked hospital staff as well, “The amount of pain you feel will one day be the amount of joy you exsperience. I want to thank the hospital for there privacy,compassion,medical care. Thank my family for only bringing love to the room. Friends for there around the clock emotional sopport.

Fans for there out pouring of love and respect for my familys space and privacy???. My heart feels open and light years closer to my loved ones. The body dies but the loves grows forever. Invite love.”

How beautiful are we? ??????

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Made in heaven?

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fake news scares me ️Invite love

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