KISS Member Can’t Perform After World Tour


The Kiss lead guitarist Tommy Thayer recently revealed his plans after the band retires. He stated that he is “not planning on being in a band anymore” once Kiss wraps up its ongoing “The End of the Road” tour.

Tommy Thayer talks about Kiss retirement

Kiss had embarked on a farewell tour only to keep hitting the road for a couple more decades, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley & Co. seem to be dead serious about retiring after “The End of the Road” tour wraps up.

With Stanley being 70 and Simmons being 72, their decision seems only natural given the age factor and even the ever-confident Gene Simmons recently admitted that he “couldn’t imagine” powering through Kiss’s physically-demanding shows at 75.

With Tommy Thayer (61) and Eric Singer (64), the situation is somewhat different, as both musicians could be said to be too young for retirement – going by today’s standards, at least. However that is seemingly not the case.

In a new interview with Vinyl Writer Music Thayer was apparently adamant about not being in a band once Kiss comes to an end. Thayer released “The Lost Tapes” EP alongside his former Black ‘N Blue bandmate Jaime St. James. When asked if the EP’s release meant that he may be getting back with Black ‘N Blue once Kiss retires, Thayer replied (via UCR):

“After Kiss, I’m not planning on being in a band anymore. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on being in a band anymore back in the mid-90s! Jaime and I will always be friends and enjoy music together, just like we’ve always done.”