Bon Jovi Member Last Photo Before Death Leaks


Bon Jovi have announced the sudden death of original bassist Alec John Such. You can view the tribute post below, along with a photo from his last public appearance with the band a few years ago.

While we have lost Alec John Such, we are lucky to still have rock icons like Roger Daltrey and Jon Bon Jovi still around. The Who frontman and legendary vocalist Roger Daltrey has been entertaining the fans over several decades and he still mesmerizes the fans with his work. In a recent interview with Independent, Daltrey said that he wonders how he and his band survived all those years of intense partying and even more intense live gigs, but still shows no signs of wanting to give it up (the live gigging bit, that is).

Last month, The Who played an acoustic show at the Royal Albert as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust which features Daltrey himself as one of the Trust’s three patrons, while this June, Daltrey is due to embark on a solo tour that was originally set to take place last year.

In addition to The Who, other prominent musicians who took part in this year’s Teenage Cancer Trust event included Yungblud, Ed Sheeran, and Liam Gallagher. Of the shows, Daltrey says that the musicians involved “didn’t really spend any money on rehearsals, we were all about just making more dosh for the charity.”

Roger Daltrey opens up on Gallagher siblings

Roger Daltrey then made a creative remark about the younger Gallagher sibling and his relationship with brother Noel. The bad blood between the former Oasis members have been heavily documented and Daltrey spoke about it.

Hearing what the veteran rock icons from previous generations have to say about their younger colleagues can be both insightful and entertaining, and Daltrey’s description of Liam Gallagher is definitely both:

“He’s just a bloke. I just think he’s so entertaining, he’s so funny, and he’s got a heart of gold. I see quite a lot of Keith Moon in him and maybe that’s what I’m attracted to. When people talk about the spat between him and Noel, I just think, ‘Don’t people understand? That’s what it’s all about.’ It’s rock wrestling, as I call it. Someone’s got to be a Jackie Pallo or a Mick McManus; someone’s got to be booed and another one has to be cheered. It creates interest.”