KISS Reveal ‘Painful’ Ace Frehley & Peter Criss Photo


The official Instagram account for KISS icon, Gene Simmons released this throwback photo of himself and original members of the legendary group recently. This photo, taken in 1973 is estimated to be one of the earliest known photos of KISS out there. Look how sulky yet badass Gene and then members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley look! Gene Simmons’ daughter was recently caught in hotel bed with a camera.

Gene Simmons kicked this dressing room door in shocking video. Fans of KISS took to Simmons’ Instagram to react to the photo right away. Lookanotherwaytoannoy wrote: “Oh My God, what an absolute melting pot of talent NYC in the 70s. I bet you couldn’t even imagine just how far you would come and what you would achieve. For your information, I am so looking forward to seeing you guys for a second time in Adelaide.”

Gene Simmons revealed a creepy backside photo of his wife recently. Jpwearsblack said: “I love all the early photos, Gene! I especially like to see the evolution of the costumes.  I think my favorite period was the “Hotter Than Hell” era followed closely by the “Alive!” costumes. What are your favorites, or which ones hold the most meaning for you?”

tattoosbysheldonsonny put: “A friend’s parents told me that on their first date back in the mid 70’s, they were walking around downtown looking for a music venue. They came across a line up into a show, it was KISS! Not bad for a first date.”